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Slic – Tite Paste

FEATURES: • Slic-Tite contains PTFE more than other national brands. The higher concentration of PTFE particles Provides greater sealing power on all tapered pipe threads including que Those are damaged. • Brushes easily on wet or oily threads. • Sticks to hot, oily threads, will not run the ff. Ideal for use on production lines using high speed pipe threading machines. • The non-toxic, non-drying formula will not harden or crack in the pipe joint. Provides easy disassembly and out break • Seals to high pressures:. 10,000 PSI for Liquids, Gases for 3,000 PSI • Sealing temperature range:.. -50˚ to 500F (-46C to 260C) • Meets Fed. spec. TT-S-1732 • Slic-tite contains the product made from PTFE and other PTFE resins to assure high performance.TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: • Slic-tite seals all types of pipe threads: steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, iron, and PVC, CPVC and ABS plastic • Recommended Services:. water, natural gas, LP gas, steam, air, gasoline, kerosene, Refrigerants, ammonia, caustics, and acids. Contact factory is speci fi c recommendations use. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH OXYGEN SERVICE. Use OXY-Tite

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slic tite paste